This calendar is your most accurate schedule information.

You may connect this Google Calendar to your smartphone or computer.  Give it a try, you may really like it.  We do our best to keep the TWFH Google Calendar updated.
This calendar will be more accurate than the "Schedules" tab, which are static documents.  

Since each person's computer and/or smartphone is configured to their needs, we are not able to describe a 'one size fits all' Google Calendar installation.  

However, here is the Google Calendar How To guide which will will help you determine how you want to setup your device.  You do not need a Gmail account but you do need to create a Google logon (free) to integrate this TWFH Google Calendar with your phone's calendar app.  If you already have a Gmail account, then you can use it for Google Calendar without needing to create another logon.  Once you logon to Google Calendar, put in the email address of in the box on the left of the Google Calendar webpage which reads "add a friends calendar" and you should get a calendar titled "TW Field Hockey" added to your personal Google Calendar.  

Please take a backup of your calendar app contents prior to synchronizing this TWFH calendar with your phone.  We don't want you losing other calendar dates if something doesn't go well the first time.

If you need assistance after reviewing the "How To" link, feel free to contact TWFHwebmaster and I'll do my best to help you out.

TW Field Hockey