Team Expectations

  • To have FUN and winning is definitely fun
  • All players play with 100% effort in each practice & game
  • Work hard ALL the time to improve skills
  • To play in the Ohio State Final Four Tournament
  • To REPEAT and WIN another State Championship
  • Every player is to be on time and prepared for all practices & games
  • Every player is to remain POSITIVE in all practices & games
  • To play as a TEAM and communicate with one another
  • Constant communication between players and coaches
  • Positive support from ALL parents
  • No drinking alcohol/No other substances 
  • Unapproved missed practices will cause the player to not play in games.  Communication is imperative.  Missed practices must be approved by Terri, trainers or doctors.  Each unapproved, missed practice will cost the player a game for each.  Players MUST call or text the appropriate coach (Terri or Danielle).